Water Feature

Water plants in bags, ready to 'plant'.

Last week was fairly exciting for me garden-wise – for the first time ever I have a pond in my garden!  Well, pond might be a stretch, but it’s a fair-sized container which is now sited in a slightly shaded spot in the garden.

Pond filled with plants. Water hyacinth. Air bladder on water plant.

Water snail getting used to its new home.

The collection, which I bought from Paul Bromfield Aquatics for a very reasonable price of £15.10 contained an Aponogeton, Nymphoides peltata, Einchornia crassipes, Lagarosiphon major, & Hydrocharis morsus ranae as well as 6 Black Ramshorn snails.  They all seem to be settling in well, which I’m rather glad for as I’ve no idea what I’m doing with aquatic plants, to be honest.  I try to spot the snails each morning and can usually see one or two of them kicking around on either the gravel or the side of the container.

'Celebration' bean flower. 'Scarlet Emperor' bean flower. 'Mrs. Fortune's Climbing Bean' bean flower.

Beans growing along twine.

The beans seem to be coming into their own – this is a first for me as I’ve just never quite managed to grow beans before.  These were on my ‘try harder’ list for this year and something seems to have just clicked.  The three different flowered varieties above are ‘Celebration’, ‘Scarlet Emperor’ and ‘Mrs. Fortune’s Climbing Bean’, the last being one kindly sent to me over a year ago by Matron.  Hopefully I can manage to get a through of these through to producing actual pods!

As you can see from the last photo I ran out of ‘up’ on my beanpoles and so tied some twine for them to climb across to the pea wigwams since the peas aren’t likely to grow that tall.  Hopefully growing across won’t give them any problems and, if it works, should certainly be a useful way to grow them in the future without having to buy much taller poles (which won’t fit for storage in the shed).

Coriander in flower. Reine des Glaces lettuce. Variegated thyme in flower.

Coriander, Reine des Glaces lettuce and citrus thyme.  I got a new type of coriander this year – one meant for leaf rather than seed production and was very pleased with the results.  Until these every one I’d planted had run straight to seed – I hadn’t known there were different types and cultivars which were better for one over the other (it seems obvious now).  The lettuce, ‘Reine des Glaces’ has grown well for me too, outperforming the old favourite ‘Webb’s Wonderful’ in my garden as a crisphead lettuce.  ‘Really Red Deer’s Tongue’ and  Forellenschloss, the two distinctive looking lettuces I first grew last year, have performed well again this year as has ‘Little Gem’.  I had no germination from my Red Iceberg seeds, though – which is odd given that I’ve never had germination problems with seed from the company I got them from – I can only imagine the dull summer weather has affected them or that they are very, very slow germinators!  It’s a shame as I’d really like to have tried them.  I will, soon, be planting some lettuces for winter – I love my salads from the garden and would like to stretch the season a bit longer.

Pea flower with odd pattern. Onions.

This beautiful pea flower is from ‘Golden Sweet’ – not all of the plants have this pattern so I’m not sure if it’s a ‘problem’ or just variation.  It does look rather pretty, though.  Onions are actually something I had on my  ‘don’t bother’ list this year but ended up trying due to cheap sets of ‘Yellow Sturon’.  I am pleased with the results – I don’t really have the space to grow the onions from seed as I have so many other things I want more which need that early windowsill space.  I think I’d try growing onions again, given this results with sets given the low prices.

Daddy long legs mating.


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